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I always knew that I wanted music to be a part of my career. With mixing and cutting routine music for my synchronized swimming team and playing multiple instruments from a young age, music has always given me a direction and a passion to follow in life.


Currently, I am a first-semester Master's student at NYU in the Music Technology program with interests in spatial audio research and recording. I also am a research collaborator with Princeton University's 3D3A Lab under Dr. Edgar Choueiri in their works on spatial sampling in personal sound zone applications.

I received my B.S. degree in Audio and Music engineering from the University of Rochester. I have experience engineering, managing, and running live studio sessions in the University of Rochester Open Sessions, recording various ensembles of different scales in and outside of the studio with Grammy Award-winning audio engineer Stephen Roessner, and mixing and mastering for different digital formats such as stereo and 5.1. I was a studio teaching assistant for Professor Roessner, leading hands-on labs and teaching mic techniques, mixing, and using outboard gear. In addition to working in the studio, I was a student researcher in spatial audio under Professor Ming-Lun Lee, focusing on evaluating audio quality and immersion. Outside of campus, I was a live sound engineer for Jurassic Farms, an outdoor venue in the woods, and Bicycle Brothers Cafe. I am also a musician and founded the band Flat 6, a Rochester-based alternative fusion band.

During my undergrad, I also studied abroad in the United Kingdom at Birmingham City University in their Sound Engineering and Production and Music Technology courses. I have had the opportunity to gain skills in live sound reinforcement and design as well as have more experience in the studios using state-of-the-art gear aside from the gear at my home university. I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with and learn from Mike Exeter, Grammy-winning producer and engineer for Black Sabbath, and Malcolm Toft, audio engineer and console maker at Trident Audio Developments. Outside of classes, I have worked at Park Studios JQ recording and mixing local student bands such as Santu. 


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